Elevate Your Home Bar: The Essential 'Jashn' Collection

Setting up a stylish and functional home bar is a delightful endeavour, and to truly make it stand out, you need the right tools. The Purple Bird 'Jashn' collection is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Explore four must have items that will transform your home bar into a haven of luxury with the jigger, champagne flutes, stirrer and bottle opener.

Precision in Pouring

The cornerstone of any well-crafted cocktail is precision in measurement. The Purple Bird jigger, with its sleek design and engraved measurements, ensures that every cocktail is perfectly balanced. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or just starting, this jigger adds a touch of luxury to your bartending routine.

Tip: Experiment with different ratios to find your signature concoction. The Purple Bird silver and gold plated jigger makes it easy to play with flavors and create a drink that suits your palate.


Sip in Style

No home bar is complete without a set of exquisite champagne flutes. The Purple Bird silver and gold plated champagne flutes elevate your toasts to new heights. With their delicate stem, these flutes add a touch of luxury to your celebrations.

Special Occasion Idea: Host a champagne tasting night and invite friends to explore different varieties. The Purple Bird champagne flutes will make every sip feel like a celebration.


Mix with Elegance

Mixing and stirring are essential skills in the world of cocktails, and the Purple Bird 'Jashn' silver and gold plated stirrer takes it to the next level. Crafted with attention to detail, this stirrer combines functionality with aesthetics. Stir your drinks with finesse, and let the Purple Bird stirrer be the conversation starter at your next gathering.

Tip: Use the stirrer not just for mixing but also as a decorative element in your drink presentation. It's a small detail that makes a big difference.


Effortless Elegance

Opening a bottle should be as graceful as pouring the drink itself. The Purple Bird gold and silver plated 'Jashn' bottle opener ensures that every beverage is opened with style. Its ergonomic design makes it a pleasure to use, adding a touch of luxury to your bar tools.

Hosting Tip: Leave the Purple Bird bottle opener out on display. Its elegant design makes it a functional piece of art that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home bar.


Elevate your home bar experience with the Purple Bird 'Jashn' collection – where functionality meets elegance. Each item serves a purpose while contributing to the overall ambiance of yours or your gift receiptents space. Invest in these essentials, and watch as your home bar becomes the go-to spot for memorable moments and sophisticated sips. Cheers to the art of fine drinking!