Why Choose Us

Thoughtful Curations

We bring together, some of the best luxury Indian brands to curate perfect, thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing gifts, which are lovingly‘Made in India’. A wholesome gift with no need for extra add on’s. We are proud of the India we represent, and will travel the length and breadth of this diverse country, to sift and find hidden gems of consumer lifestyle brands.

Crafting Convenience

Purple Bird is a one-stop shop to purchase thoughtful gifts, with the convenience of one click shopping on our website. Say goodbye to running to five or more different stores (leave alone filling out OTP’s five times!)

Elevated Packaging

Our packaging leverages elements of luxury – embossing, foiling, high quality paper, robust gift boxes and above all, aesthetic designs celebrating our rich Indian history, tied together by a satin ribbon bow. We promise to wow with our world-class packaging.

Unboxing Experience

Simple user experience clubbed with an elevated unboxing experience. Our ready to gift boxes arrive in a robust Purple Bird branded gift box (which our customers may use as keepsakes). We surprise and delight with a whiff of Indian fragrances such as mogra, jasmine and rose on the tissue. The neutral coloured tissue paper is held together by an easy to peel sticker with the Purple Bird brand logo. Upon opening the tissue wrapping, the recipient will find a handwritten card with the sender’s message on a Purple Bird branded notecard. Our curation is nested safely in paper shavings, held together in deep paper cavities.

Experience Delivered

We partner with reliable delivery service providers and strive for on-time deliveries.