Introducing 'Veer Vatika'

Nestled deep within the heart of lush, verdant forests, Veer Vatika stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Its majestic towers and intricately adorned halls are a testament to the opulence of royalty, while the surrounding jungles teem with life, echoing with the calls of exotic birds and the rustle of leaves stirred by the graceful movements of wildlife.

But what truly sets Veer Vatika apart is its inhabitants—the Royal Bengal Tiger, revered as symbols of power and majesty. Within the palace grounds, these magnificent creatures roam as the true rulers of the land, their presence adding an aura of awe and reverence to this enchanted realm.

Veer Vatika Money Envelope

Embrace regal authority with this royal Bengal tiger money envelope, where every currency finds sanctuary in the touch of the wild.


Veer Vatika Notebook

Capture regal tales within this gold foiled notebook, where strokes of the pen pay homage to majestic creatures in bountiful palace gardens.


Veer Vatika Notecards

Immerse in the majesty of the royal Bengal tiger within Veer Vatika's messages, entwining the essence of the wild amidst the palace gardens.


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