Veer Vatika

Introducing 'Veer Vatika'

We are constantly inspired by the beauty of quintessential Indian flora and fauna. With the onset of a new season, we are pleased to launch Purple Bird's 'Veer Vatika' - a celebration of the majestic beauty of the royal Bengal tiger, amidst he lush royal compounds of Indian palaces!

Veer Vatika celebrates the Royal Bengal Tiger, revered as symbols of power and majesty. Within the palace grounds, these magnificent creatures roam as the true rulers of the land, their presence adding an aura of awe and reverence to this enchanted realm. Immerse yourself and your thoughts in the world of Purple Bird's Veer Vatika.

Purple Bird's 'Veer Vatika' stands as a testament to the harmonious co-existence of human and nature. The detailed design displays the opulence of royalty with graceful movements of wildlife, while celebrating the India we (and you) love, everyday.