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Khilta Kamal Luxury Stationery Gift Box

Khilta Kamal Luxury Stationery Gift Box

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Embrace the enchanting beauty of Khilta Kamal Luxury Stationery Gift Box, where every detail whispers tales of royalty. Inspired by the tranquil ponds gracing the courtyards of royal Indian palaces, each stationery product is adorned with gold-foil accents.

Enter a realm where the gentle dance of koi fish and the blooming lotus captivate the senses. Within this exquisite set, luxurious notecards await with intricate motifs of the graceful koi and the resplendent lotus, symbols of prosperity and renewal. Enclosed in opulent money envelopes, your messages become treasures to be cherished.

Open the pages of our hardbound notebook, where the shimmering gold foil details transport you to the tranquil ambiance of palace gardens, inviting you to pen your thoughts and dreams amidst the whispers of flowing waters and fragrant blooms. Experience the enchantment of Khilta Kamal, where every stroke of the pen is imbued with the spirit of timeless beauty. Let your words flow like the gentle ripples of a palace pond, and watch as they blossom into expressions of grace.


1 x Purple Bird 'Khilta Kamal' Money Envelope (Pack of 5)

1 x Purple Bird 'Khilta Kamal' Notecards (Pack of 10)

1 x Purple Bird 'Khilta Kamal' Hardbound Notebook

1 x Purple Bird Keepsake Box (Medium)

1 x Purple Bird Handwritten Note Card (Standard Postcard Size: 6" x 4")

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