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Purple Bird | Luxury Indian Gifting

Neelambar Luxury Gift Box

Neelambar Luxury Gift Box

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Neelambar: blue; blue sky; adorning a blue cloth

From the sky to the sea, the colour blue signifies open spaces, freedom, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. The Neelambar curation embodies the philosophy of blue sky thinking when it comes to gifting. The Indian superfood bars are infused with Ashwagandha, which has a calming effect. The 70% dark chocolate brightened with blueberry chunks is an ideal blues buster. The 100% natural pure honey contains immunity-boosting properties. Monsooned flavour, medium roasted coffee which brings out notes of spice, mustiness, wood, chocolate and nuts. Neelambar is not a figment of your blue sky imagination, but a reality.


 1 x Jungly Delights Calm Assortment Box of Indian Superfood Bars Blueberry and Ashwagandha (5 Bars)

1 x Darkins 70% Dark Chocolate with Blueberries

1 x Devan's Monsooned Malabar Arabica AA (500 g)

1 x The Pahadi Story Rare Pahadi Forest Honey (300 gm)

1 x Purple Bird Keepsake Box (Medium)

1 x Purple Bird Handwritten Note Card (Standard Postcard Size: 6" x 4")

Hand wrapped with love in India

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