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Purple Bird 'A Kaleidoscope of Tradition' Kalighat Pat Artwork (Unframed) 12" x 14"

Purple Bird 'A Kaleidoscope of Tradition' Kalighat Pat Artwork (Unframed) 12" x 14"

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In the vibrant tradition of Kalighat Pat painting, a mesmerizing portrayal emerges: a tribal woman adorned in the essence of her heritage. This artwork captures the essence of simplicity and grace.

Draped in a verdant green blouse, the woman stands proud, her demeanour exuding resilience and tradition. Her attire, a fusion of tradition and modernity, boasts a purple dhoti, a symbol of her cultural roots blended with contemporary influences.

Her ears adorned with tribal earrings, each piece a testament to the intricate craftsmanship passed down through generations. These earrings tell stories of resilience, community, and the vibrancy of tribal life.

Set against a terracotta surface, reminiscent of the earth from which her culture springs forth, the woman's presence is both striking and timeless. Her gaze, steady and unwavering, invites the viewer into her world, where tradition dances with innovation, and heritage meets modernity.

In this Kalighat Pat painting, the artist pays homage to the richness of tribal life, celebrating its beauty, strength, and enduring spirit. It is a tribute to the women who carry the legacy of their ancestors with pride, infusing every moment with the echoes of their vibrant culture.

Size: 12" x 14"

Medium: Water colour on tempera paper

Year: 2017

Country of Origin: India

This artwork has been lovingly painted by hand, bearing the hallmark of artisanal expertise. Embracing the beauty of imperfection, each subtle irregularity reflects the human touch infused into its creation, adding depth and authenticity to its beauty.

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