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Purple Bird 'Tribal Bibi in Polka-Dotted Elegance' Kalighat Pat Artwork (Unframed) 12" x 14"

Purple Bird 'Tribal Bibi in Polka-Dotted Elegance' Kalighat Pat Artwork (Unframed) 12" x 14"

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In the kaleidoscope of Kalighat Pat paintings, behold the Tribal Bibi, a vision of cultural fusion and timeless allure. Adorned in her polka-dotted attire, she sits upon a carved colonial chair, a juxtaposition of tradition and colonial influence.

Her attire, resplendent with polka dots, merges contemporary style with tribal flair, reflecting her unique identity and vibrant spirit. Each dot on her garment tells a story, a symbol of her connection to both past and present.

The Tribal Bibi's adornments are a testament to her heritage and individuality. Tribal jewellery graces her nose, arms, ears, neck, and ankles, each piece a treasure imbued with tradition and symbolism. With every movement, her jewellery jingles softly, a melody of cultural pride and personal expression.

Seated upon the colonial chair, the Tribal Bibi exudes a sense of grace and strength. The intricately carved patterns of the chair serve as a reminder of the complex intertwining of cultures in her world, a testament to resilience and adaptation.

In her gaze lies a quiet confidence, a reflection of her inner strength and resilience. Though surrounded by influences from afar, she remains rooted in her tribal heritage, a beacon of authenticity and pride.

Size: 12" x 14"

Medium: Water colour on tempera paper

Year: 2017

Country of Origin: India

This artwork has been lovingly painted by hand, bearing the hallmark of artisanal expertise. Embracing the beauty of imperfection, each subtle irregularity reflects the human touch infused into its creation, adding depth and authenticity to its beauty.

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