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Purple Bird | Luxury Indian Gifting

Jamun Luxury Gift Box

Jamun Luxury Gift Box

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Jamun: Purple, the colour of Java plum or Indian Blackberry 

It's no secret that Purple is our favourite colour. Purple is the universal color of royalty, luxury, creativity, reliability and magic in popular culture. Our Jamun curation will make you feel like a prince or princess. 55% dark chocolate from Tamil Nadu cacao has notes of citrus, lemongrass, pine and nutmeg. The lavender organic incense cone is a natural air freshener and helps enhance the quality of sleep. Boost your energy with Indian superfood bars packed with the goodness of moringa and chocolate. The Purple Bird signature softbound journal is a perfect addition to your writing table or backpack, to capture your creative thoughts. Just like that, you become the best gift giver in the room. We say, that's magic!


1 x Jungly Delights Indian Energise Superfood Bars Chocolate with Moringa (5 Bars)

1 x Phool Natural Incense Cones Lavender (40 Incense Cones)

1 x Darkins 55% Dark Chocolate Single Origin cacao from Tamil Nadu

1 x Purple Bird Softbound Notebook (160 ruled pages with satin page marker)

1 x Purple Bird Keepsake Box (Medium)

1 x Purple Bird Handwritten Note Card (Standard Postcard Size: 6" x 4")

Hand wrapped with love in India

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